Soap Dispensing Palm Brush by Chefs Pride



Clean up faster and better from your kitchen session with a Chef's Pride Soap-Dispensing Palm Brush that has everything you need to make dishes shine. Whether washing a few dishes or a sink full, this clever palm brush makes it easy to give a soapy scrub without waste. The silicone grip of this soap dispenser kitchen brush fits comfortably in the palm of your hand to help you wash without filling a sink with soap and water. Simply add your own dish detergent to this soap-dispensing brush and you're ready to clean. A side window lets you view the soap level while the top button allows you to dispense soap as needed with one touch. The assembly around the button unscrews when you're ready for a detergent refill.

Our exclusive soap-dispensing dishwasher brush has several tools for removing grease, liquids and gunk. The durable plastic-bristled dish brush head does the main work. One edge features a plastic blade for scraping away debris on plates or frying pans. There's also a bumpy side for scrubbing tough crud. At 3 3/4" H x 2" square, this soap-dispensing mini scrub brush fits any-size hand and sits unobtrusively by the sink between uses.

If you're big on kitchen cleaning but short on space, a handheld soap dispenser brush is a unique solution. Even after making burgers, stir-fry, soup or mashed potatoes, your bowls and frying pans will be spotless once you're done. This palm kitchen brush is the perfect tool for dishes that can't be cleaned in a regular dishwasher or if there's something that can't wait for the next load. You can use it to clean the sink afterward, too! Walter Drake has many kitchen cleaning tools at value prices so you can easily tidy up even after the messiest cooking and baking projects.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Durable plastic-bristled dish brush
  • Silicone grip fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • One-touch top button allows you to dispense soap as needed
  • Side window allows you to view soap level
  • One edge features a plastic blade for scraping away debris
  • Bumpy side for scrubbing
  • 3 3/4" H x 2" sq.
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