Solar Mobile Heart Lights



With their color-changing hues and whimsical designs, our Solar Mobile Heart LED Lights are sure to be bright and cheerful additions to your outdoor garden décor. There’s no need to find an outlet or hook up electricity to enjoy garden lighting at its best. Add these heart-shaped solar LED lights to a shepherd’s hook, a branch or a fence — anywhere the solar panel will receive direct sunlight during the day to charge. The textured heart lights will look charming by day and will transform into a beautiful light show at night. These hearts alternate colors from red to blue to green and will captivate audiences both young and old. There’s no need to turn the unit on — this heart light mobile yard light will illuminate automatically at dusk.

This durable yard light is made to be displayed outside, and is constructed from weatherproof ABS, EVA and epoxy resin. It features six free-flowing hearts that will dance in the wind. A lithium battery is also included; each light measures 27 ¾” high x 4 4/5” diameter.

  • Made with weatherproof ABS, EVA and epoxy resin
  • Yard light measures 27 3/4" high x 4 4/5" dia. overall
  • Features 6 multi-color LED lights that glow each evening
  • Includes sturdy hanging loop
  • Lithium battery included
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