Storage Tent



Any avid gardener knows it's important to have their tools protected and on-hand when they’re needed. However, building a permanent storage shed can be time-consuming and expensive. This Walter Drake Outdoor Storage Tent is an easy, affordable way to store and protect your outdoor supplies. Our durable, weatherproof portable tent is made of heavy-duty polyester to resist rain, sun and wind. Hardware and stakes are included to secure the outdoor storage tent to walls, fences or the ground. A zippered, detachable flap opening provides you with easy access to your tools and equipment. Set a garden tool organizer inside to free up even more space and keep your items well organized.

These green storage tents can be used for more than just landscaping and gardening items, too! Bring your tent with you on your camping trips to protect your outdoor gear in foul weather or to offer more privacy when using a portable commode. At sporting events, it can be used to hold equipment or as a changing tent. It can also be used as a bike tent to keep your bicycle protected from harsh elements. Our heavy-duty outdoor storage tent has multiple uses that you’ll appreciate.

At 78" wide x 66" high x 32" deep, there's plenty of space for everything you need to protect — and it will always be on hand when you need it. At Walter Drake, we are your one-stop shop for gardening and outdoor storage products that fit your budget!

  • Crafted of heavy-duty polyester with zippered detachable flap opening
  • Weatherproof
  • Can be attached to a wall or fence for added stability or staked securely in the ground
  • 78" W x 66" H x 32" D
  • Hardware and stakes included
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