Sunbeam Cookie Cutters, Set of 3


Featuring 3 classic shapes, these Sunbeam Cookie Cutters help you create festive cookies throughout the year—and this closeout price makes the set even sweeter! Made of durable plastic with soft silicone edges for easy pressing, the large cookie molds slice evenly through sugar, shortbread and gingerbread dough, and the essential shapes are perfect for baking cookies, pastries and biscuits, decorating pie crusts and more. Designed by Sunbeam, an iconic brand trusted for over 100 years, the set of 3 cookie stamps includes heart, round circle and star. Each cookie and fondant cutter measures approx. 3 1/2" dia. Hand washing recommended.
  • 100% ABS plastic
  • 15-Pc. set includes 1 sprinkling spoon and 14 discs
  • Sprinkle ground cinnamon, cocoa powder, paprika, nutmeg, curry powder, colored sugar and more onto food
  • Hand wash
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