Sunflower Garden Mat



Almost everyone loves the look of healthy sunflowers — and you can experience it at your home with this sunflower roll-out mat. We call this mat "Autumn Beauty" because the seeds have been specially chosen to produce a sunny array of fall colors. Gardens will soon be graced with yellow, gold, red, copper and other rich, deep blooms. Sunflowers have long been symbols of summer and health, which means an Autumn Beauty pre-seeded garden mat provides two seasons' worth of beauty. Gaze upon these flowers where they grow or add them to cut bouquets for tables, windowsills and countertops for the harvest season.

No furrowing, mixing or hand-planting is needed with our sunflower garden rolls. Just spread one out and make sure to water it for the first week or two. The mats measure 60" x 17" and can be custom cut for any application. You also can buy multiple mats at affordable prices to fill in bare garden spots, create a sunny meadow or line your front walkway. Learn more about this and other roll-out garden mats by calling the Walter Drake support team seven days a week at 1-855-202-7393.

  • "Autumn Beauty" sunflower gardening mat delivers sunflowers in an array of fall colors
  • Roll-out sunflower mat measures 17" x 5' long
  • Sunflower garden mat's seeds are nestled in 100% recycled paper
  • Sunflowers' colors range from yellow, gold and reds to rich coppers and rust colors
  • Great for cut flower bouquets
  • Developed by a horticulturist for professional, custom-looking results
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