Tinsel Light-Up Necklace


Get your glitziest glow on with this light-up holiday necklace, and enjoy the wackiest, tackiest tinsel fun! Uncle Bob's tinsel light-up necklace screams bright Christmas style with nostalgic vibes of 7 large, old-fashioned Christmas bulbs in classic colors that illuminate with modern LED magic in 3 changeable flash modes. Perfect for holiday parties, parades, caroling, shopping and office shenanigans, the light-up tinsel necklace makes an ugly sweater look even better … making you glow like a Christmas tree! A merry gift or stocking stuffer, the Christmas light necklace features an easy on/off switch and includes 1 button cell battery for instant light-up fun. Designed in durable plastic with 7 LED bulbs. LED Christmas necklace measures 16" L.
  • Includes 3 changeable flash modes
  • A merry gift or stocking stuffer
  • Features an easy on/off switch
  • Includes 1 button cell battery
  • Designed in durable plastic with 7 LED bulbs
  • 16" long
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