Toe Socks



Perform and look your best with a pair of men's or women's toe socks. Everybody can enjoy the benefits of socks with toes whether they're playing sports or lounging around the house. Socks that are knit with compartments for each individual toe help reduce friction, improve balance, encourage correct foot movement and promote warmth. The result is feet that are more comfortable for any activity. You'll also have a reduced risk of athlete's foot thanks to your glove socks absorbing more moisture from between the toes.

Unisex ankle-cut finger socks from Walter Drake are an affordable way to keep your feet ready for action. They're made of a 90/10 cotton/spandex blend that's cozy, breathable and stretchy. We offer black and white toe socks in medium or large sizes; see below for which shoe sizes match each sock. All socks are machine-washable for easy care. Make them a permanent part of your wardrobe for athletics, winter warmth or everyday wear. We're a one-stop-shop for unique clothing values that are stylish and practical so you can dress smarter.

  • Ultra-soft toe socks keep feet warm, dry and comfortable
  • Separate toe compartments to help prevent overlap, friction and irritation
  • Toe socks are 90% cotton/10% spandex
  • Medium: Fits women's shoe sizes 6-11 and men's sizes 6-9
  • Large: Fits women's shoe size 11+ and men's sizes 10-13
  • Machine-wash
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