Toilet Seat Cover


Say goodbye to sitting down on shockingly cold or uncomfortably hard toilet seats in your home. When you use this toilet seat cover from Walter Drake, you'll instantly create a more pleasant experience. This soft seat cover adds cushioning and warmth with a soft acrylic material. It features elasticized edges that allow you to easily stretch the cover over the toilet seat and then keep the cover securely in place while in use. This padded toilet seat cover fits standard round and oval seats. When you need to clean it, simply toss it in the washing machine for a quick and easy refresh.
  • Add Warmth to Toilet Seat – With the 100% acrylic fabric, you’ll never have to sit on a cold toilet seat again
  • Fits Any Seat Shape – Regardless of the style of toilet in use in your bathroom, our commode seat cover has elasticized edges and an inner plastic rim to fit both oval and round shapes snugly
  • Easy to Clean Material – You can machine wash this cover as needed for easy cleanup
  • Multiple Color Choices – Pick from any of several toilet seat cover color options, allowing you to match the décor of the bathroom
  • Comfortable Design – With just a little bit of padding in our soft toilet seat cover, it provides a comfortable fit
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