Tummy Time Water Mat


Let your baby explore the "deep sea" with this exciting Tummy Time Water Mat. Designed to nurture your baby's growth and development, this innovative aquatic toy lets babies grow, explore and thrive. Tummy time encourages babies to turn their heads and explore. The colorful underwater theme captivates your baby's senses, encouraging sensory exploration and supporting cognitive development. As your baby lifts their head to check out the deep sea world in front of them, they naturally strengthen neck muscles and improve motor skills development. Makes a fun gift idea for new parents. Made from PVC. Water toy mat measures 26" L x 19 3/8" W.
  • PVC
  • 26" long x 19 3/8" wide overall
  • Encourages babies to turn their heads and explore
  • Helps babies naturally strengthen neck muscles and improve motor skills development
  • Encourages sensory exploration and supports cognitive development
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