Under Sink Expandable Shelf



This under sink expandable shelf turns wasted space into organized storage! The 12 sliding slats fit around any drainpipes for convenient under the sink storage. You can remove a slat as well to ensure the best fit. The space beneath the second shelf acts as a third shelf or cubby for important supplies. You'll have no more cluttered, overcrowded cabinets with these under the sink shelves!

Place Walter Drake below the sink shelves in the kitchen or bathroom to make the most of your storage options. Store pots, food wrap boxes, paper towels, sponges, spare toiletries and other supplies on these lightweight shelves. You can use them in a regular cabinet as well to stay organized. The white plastic frame extends from 16" to 30" wide to fit whatever space is available. Assembly is easy with no special tools or modifications. We have been your one-stop-shop for unique kitchen organization supplies at affordable prices since 1947.

  • Turn wasted space into organized storage
  • 12 sliding slats per shelf
  • Plastic frame extends from 16" to 30" wide
  • Measures 11 1/2" deep x 15 1/2" high
  • Easy assembly
  • Imported
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