Valentine's Day Card Assortment Set of 20



Keep up the tradition of mailing holiday messages to loved ones near and far with Valentine’s Day Cards. Our festive Valentine’s card assortment includes 20 cards and envelopes that are perfect to share with friends and family. Each Valentine’s card set has 5 different heart-filled designs that appeal to people of all ages and a sweet message of love to inspire them, even when you can’t be together for the holiday.

Walter Drake has beautiful card sets for nearly every occasion, so stock up now and have plenty of cards to send to loved ones throughout the year. You’ll love having a greeting card option makes one sending to everyone on your list convenient and affordable.

  • Set of 20 Valentine's Day cards
  • Cards single fold to 4 1/8" x 5 3/8"
  • Each card includes a charming verse
  • Envelopes included
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