Verilux UV-Free Bright Light Therapy HappyLight®



Many of us don’t get the daily dose of sunlight we need each day, particularly in the dark winter season. This can result in sleep disorders, seasonal depression (or the “winter blues”), lack of focus and poor overall health. With a Verilux HappyLight®, you can help turn those negative effects around and improve your mood, sleep cycles and energy levels by simply using it for several minutes a day.

This UV-free light therapy lamp mimics sunlight with its 72 LED lights that are full-spectrum 10,000 lux. This versatile light can be used either vertically or horizontally and its compact size can be taken on the go. Use it at work in a windowless office, to minimize jet lag after long flights or at home to help enhance your energy. This mood lamp features a detachable stand and one-touch on and off controls.

  • Healthy bright light therapy helps improve mood, sleep, focus and energy levels
  • 72 LED lights deliver UV-free LED light therapy at 10,000 lux
  • Compact tablet design can be used horizontally or vertically
  • Includes a detachable stand and one-touch on/off
  • Plugs into standard AC outlet
  • 8 2/3" H x 6 2/3" W flicker-free light is glare- and hotspot-free
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