VHS Storage Case



Keep track of your beloved collection of VHS tapes with our VHS storage case. VHS tape organization has never been so easy thanks to our ultra-convenient clear VHS storage case with its clear PVC plastic construction and its easy-to-access zip top. Two top drop handles make transporting your media collection from place to place a breeze. Our VHS storage case holds up to 18 VHS tapes and keeps them free from dust, moisture and other environmental elements that may compromise their quality.

This stackable VHS storage case makes the most out of your media collection. Find the movie you want to watch quickly and easily and maximize your storage space with space-saving media collection organizational products from Walter Drake. Whether you're looking to organize your VHS media collection by genre, in alphabetical order or if you just want a safe place to keep your movies in plastic cartons, this VHS storage case is a must-have in any avid VHS tape collector's repertoire.

  • Clear plastic PVC and polyester construction
  • Holds up to 18 VHS tapes
  • Web drop handles on top
  • 17" long x 5" wide x 9" high
  • Imported
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