Vintage Rose Wreath by OakRidge™



Any room or entryway will have a sophisticated air about it when this retro wreath is hanging for all to see. The OakRidge™ Faux Vintage Rose Wreath has the style of traditional home decoration with modern construction so you can enjoy its wonder for years — or even decades. The lush greenery and petals have a remarkably realistic look and texture that might even fool your gardening friends. Dozens of soft pink and white roses represent love, admiration, purity, charm and everything else you want your home to be. The yellow floral accents are a sunny addition that brightened the mood for all.

There are many ways to make your 14" classic artificial rose wreath a stylish part of your décor. Hang it on the front door during Christmas season, adorn the living room wall when Valentine's Day rolls around or use it as a table centerpiece for a romantic dinner. The wreath is made of polyester and plastic that are suitable for outdoor use in entryways and on covered patios. A hanging loop is pre-attached — just add your favorite wall hook. For refined looks at an affordable price, shop online with Walter Drake.

  • Graced with elegant vintage roses nestled among lush green leaves
  • Vintage Rose Wreath lends a touch of romance to any home's décor — adding soft color, textural interest and timeless beauty
  • Durable faux florals require no fuss or maintenance so you'll love this decorative rose wreath for many seasons to come
  • Crafted of durable plastic and polyester
  • Vintage wreath can be hung on a front door, covered patio wall or any indoor wall and looks beautiful as a centerpiece on your dining room table
  • Designed for indoor/protected outdoor use
  • Includes loop for easy hanging
  • OakRidge™ rose wreath measures 14" in diameter
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