Visor Organizer


This handy sun visor organizer slips over your visor, keeping insurance cards, license documents and roadside assistance cards organized and safely out of your way when driving, yet conveniently in reach when needed. A clear vinyl pocket gives you quick, at-a-glance access to important documents, while a mesh pocket holds cards, receipts, rewards cards or other essentials. No more digging through your glove box for auto registration and insurance information when needed, since this car visor organizer simply secures to visor with two elastic straps. Designed in classic black 100% polyester, the organizer fits most visors; measures 12" x 7".
  • Handy sun visor organizer slips over your visor
  • Clear vinyl pocket gives you at-a-glance access
  • Mesh pocket holds cards, receipts and more
  • Simply secures with 2 elastic straps
  • Designed in black 100% polyester
  • 12" x 7"
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