Walking Cane with Orthopedic Handle and Pivot Base


Make daily living easier and safer with this walking cane to improve stability and support. Orthopedic derby handle fits comfortably in the left or right hand. The self-standing base pivots to allow the cane to rotate while staying firmly planted on the ground. Nonslip rubber foot pads add all-terrain traction. Lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy yet portable. Ideal mobility aid for people with arthritis, rheumatism, back pain or joint problems. Made from 70% aluminum, 20% ABS, 10% TPR. Adjustable height from 30"-39 1/2".
  • Walking cane with ergonomic derby handle
  • Self-standing base with nonslip rubber foot pads for traction
  • Pivot base adds stability
  • For use by left-handing or right-handed people
  • 70% aluminum, 20% ABS, 10% TPR
  • Height adjustable 30"-39 1/2"
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