Waterproof Incontinence Underpants 3 Pair


Made to wear over disposable or cloth diapers, these pants provide an extra level of protection to help prevent embarrassing situations. Generously sized incontinence underpants slip completely over underwear for all-around protection, day or night. Waterproof underwear waist and legs are elasticized for a smooth fit without binding or irritating skin. Measure at waist. Specify by waist size: MED. (26"-34"), LG. (34"-42"), XL (42"-52") or 2XL (52"-60"). Hand wash. Set of 3. Imported.
  • Hand Washable Vinyl Underpants – You can reuse these vinyl incontinence pants, even if they become soiled, by hand washing them
  • Multiple Sizes Available – Pick the proper size of waterproof vinyl underpants for your needs at the time of ordering. Specify by waist size: (213-Medium, 26-34), (214-Large, 34-42), (215-X-Large, 42-50) or (216-XX-large, 50-58).
  • Extra Level of Protection – The vinyl material is made to fit over the top of disposable or cloth underwear or diapers, creating an additional layer of protection against accidents or leaks
  • Comfortable Fit Elastic Edges – Elastic material in the waist and leg holes ensures a secure, comfortable fit without binding or irritating the skin
  • Made for Day or Night Use – These vinyl pants will protect against incontinence throughout the activities of the day or during sleep at night
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