When You Lose a Beloved Pet Book


"When You Lose a Beloved Pet" is a heartfelt and compassionate book written by Joanne Fink, an award-winning artist. Written with a warm and engaging tone, it helps animal lovers cope with the difficult emotions that come with a pet's death. Beautifully illustrated, it offers practical advice and helpful suggestions for coping with loss and validates emotions while offering reassurance. Fink shares advice on how to honor a pet's memory and how to care for other pets who may be affected by the loss. This book is also a helpful resource for families and caregivers who want to help their children through the grieving process of losing a furry friend. 112 pages. Pet book measures 4" L x 6" W.
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  • Pet book measures 4" long x 6" wide overall
  • Contains 112 pages
  • Helps animal lovers cope with the difficult emotions that come with a pet's death
  • Written by award-winning artist Joanne Fink
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