Wildflower Roll Out Seed Mat



It doesn't need to take hours or days to lay the groundwork for a gorgeous garden. A moment is all you need to lay down a Walter Drake Wildflower Seed Mat. When you use a wildflower mat, no digging, furrowing or hand-planting is necessary, and there is no debating about which flowers you should choose. Each 20" wide x 60" long wildflower mat is filled with hundreds of seeds from 16 popular wildflower varieties, such as calendulas, corn poppy, blue flax, crimson clover, baby’s breath, baby snapdragon, larkspur, Queen Anne's lace and Shasta daisy. The flower seeds are nestled between layers of 100% recycled paper to promote healthy growth.

Our popular flower seed mats provide you with wildflower gardens made easy — even kids can get in on the fun! Some water and sun are all you need for them to bloom anywhere from 8" to 48" high. They'll even grow in partial sunlight. A wildflower turf mat is ideal to effectively fill in bare spots around larger flowerbeds and to add color to your yard. They're great for small windowsills or porch displays, too! Visit our Customer Q & A section for the full list of the included seed mix varieties and other information. Brighten up your gardens with affordable wildflower turf mats made in the USA.

  • This wildflower mat measures 20" x 60"
  • Hundreds of wildflower seeds are nestled within 100% recycled paper
  • Wildflowers grow between 8" and 48" high
  • Make great cut flower bouquets
  • Partial sun
  • 16 wildflower varieties, including calendulas and blanketflowers
  • Designed by a horticulturist for professional results
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