Winter Birds Christmas Cards with Magnets, Set of 6


A lovely assemblage of winter birds adorns this colorful Christmas card set. Each 5" x 7" holiday card reads, "At Christmas…May friendships grow stronger, Families grow closer and may all hearts gather in the Spirit of Love." Includes magnets to tuck inside each envelope as a surprise gift for your family and friends. Magnet messages are: "Joyful Blessings!", "Friends are a gift," "Warmest Wishes," "Wishing you love, laughter and joy," "Bright Wishes!" and "Bless You." Set of 6 Christmas greeting cards, envelopes and magnets.
  • Each 5" x 7" holiday card features a seasonal message
  • Includes magnets to tuck envelopes as a surprise gift
  • Each magnet includes a different festive message
  • Set of 6 cards, envelopes and magnets
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