Zany Zoo Puzzle, 1,000 Pieces


The 10 original portraits on this Zany Zoo Puzzle were painted by children from the Norristown school district in Pennsylvania—showcasing favorite animals in the tiny local Elmwood Park Zoo. A whimsical collage of nature seen through each young artist's eyes, the vibrant 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle offers hours of enjoyment, whether you piece it together yourself or master the challenge with family and friends. In addition to rewarding you with the satisfaction of accomplishment, the simple process of solving a jigsaw activity can be a natural stress reliever, helping engage and stimulate your brain while polishing your problem-solving skills. Once fully assembled, the Zany Zoo Puzzle becomes an artful masterpiece you can frame and display, or break down and assemble again and again. A must for your own collection and a thoughtful gift for any puzzle enthusiast, the nature puzzle is a triumph of animal love and affordable art! This challenging 1,000-piece puzzle measures 20" L x 27" W when completed.
  • 1,000 pieces for extra challenge and fun
  • Puzzle is 20" long x 27" wide when completed
  • A great way to unplug from technology and escape stress
  • Helps engage and exercise your brain while enhancing problem-solving skills
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