3" Bra Extenders



Say goodbye to pinching and squeezing with Walter Drake bra back extenders! Using bra strap extensions is a great option if your bras have shrunk in the wash or if your bust is somewhere between the "standard" sizes. By adding up to 3" to the bra strap, your back and chest will be more comfortable while still having the support they need. They're made of a cotton, rayon and elastic blend that hooks to the main strap and stretches as needed.

Look good and feel better by restoring comfort to your bras! We offer bra band extenders in 2-hook, 3-hook and 4-hook styles to fit every major bra style and brand. Each style is also available in white, ivory or black so you can match the bra's color or add a contrasting pop. They're fully machine-washable and made to last. Make an older bra fit like new with a set of bra strap extenders from Walter Drake. We help women of all ages be more comfortable with practical clothing accessories at low prices.

  • Bra back extenders are available in 2-hook, 3-hook and 4-hook styles
  • Available in black, ivory and white colors
  • Instantly adds up to 3" to your bra band
  • 2- and 3-hook styles come in sets of three
  • Four-hook style comes in a set of two
  • Elastic, cotton and rayon
  • Machine washable
  • Imported
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