3 in 1 Shower Mat


Step onto this deluxe 3-in-1 pumice shower mat and treat your feet to a spa-like experience as you shower. Built-in bristles gently cleanse, massage and smooth feet. An integrated pumice stone sloughs away dead, roughened skin cells — leaving feet softer and smoother. Nonslip PVC mat features dozens of drainage holes to eliminate pooling that can lead to slips and falls. Powerful suction cups to hold this non slip bath mat securely in place. Hang to dry. 31" L x 15" W.
  • Built-in bristles gently cleanse and massage
  • Pumice stone leaves feet softer and smoother
  • Nonslip PVC mat features dozens of drainage holes
  • Suction cups hold mat securely in place
  • Hang to dry
  • 31" L x 15" W
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