3 Pack Women's Reading Glasses



With this set of three ladies’ reading glasses, you’ll never be without your cheaters again. These bright, multi-colored reading glasses for women will ensure that there will always be a set on hand when you need it. Keep one in your car for reading maps, in a bedside drawer for your nightly reading sessions or in your handbag to help read the small print in menus at restaurants. These top-quality ikat-style women’s reader glasses can be matched to your everyday outfits, and their unique chevron patterns adds fun, visual interest. You’ll receive three different rim colors: one brown, one black and one pink. Forget your ho-hum readers with no personality — this set is exactly what you need.

This FDA-registered set of glasses has durable spring hinges and come in a wide range of magnification levels, from 1.50X to hard-to-find 6.0X. Shop these and other women’s reading glasses at Walter Drake, your go-to for unique items that are affordable and useful in your life.

  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • Rims are solid brown, black and pink
  • stylish corresponding ikat print on the temples
  • Available in eight FDA-registered magnifications, from +1.50x to +6.0x magnification
  • Spring hinges for comfort
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