5' Fiber Optic Tree by Holiday Peak™ XL


To trim or not to trim: that will be the question. With this gorgeous color-changing tree, the choice is all yours! Our 5-foot fiber optic tree by Holiday Peak™ is beautiful on its own or with added ornaments and will brighten up your living room, entry way, family room or other indoor area with beautiful shades of reds, yellows, blues, greens and purples. Full, life-like foliage will have you fooled; the gold-tone plastic base adds a touch of elegance to this stunning, pre-lit color changing LED artificial Christmas tree.
Assemble this color-changing fiber optic Christmas tree in mere seconds: no more fussing with individual strands of lights to determine whether or not they're still good or messing with burned-out bulbs: this color-changing LED artificial Christmas tree is an easy-breezy solution to your time-consuming Christmas tree-trimming dilemmas. There are only two sections of the 5-foot tree so there are no confusing directions. This tree includes an AC adapter. for indoor use only.
  • Two-piece easy assembly
  • 5-foot high
  • 24" diameter at fullest point
  • Gold-tone base
  • 68"-long cord
  • UL-rated
  • PVC, metal and wire construction
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