50 Reusable Cleaning Cloths by Chefs Pride



Scrub counters, sinks, tables and more to shine using this roll of 50 reusable cleaning cloths by Chef's Pride. Our kitchen washcloths are for people that want something stronger and less wasteful than paper towels but are tired of laundering linen towels. These perforated cleaning cloths are made of 70% polyester and 30% viscose for wiping up water spills, crumbs or fingerprints. Instead of throwing the cloth away after a single use, rinse it out and let it dry for next time. When it finally gets too dirty for cleaning, tear off a new cloth and begin anew.

Keep your home or shop looking sharp while being eco-conscious with our sustainable cleaning cloths. The materials can be used with most common household cleaners and surfaces without causing streaks, scratches or scuffs. Each cloth is 15" long x 7 3/4" wide and easily folds to give you a fresh dry patch. Keep a roll each in the kitchen and bathroom so you're always ready to clean up from a mess. Walter Drake is here for homeowners and renters with affordable cleaning supplies that get results.

  • Compatible with most household cleaners and surfaces
  • Roll of 50 perforated reusable cloths
  • Each cloth measures 15" long x 7 3/4" wide
  • 70% polyester/30% viscose
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