Address Book-Refills



Quickly switch out old information from your contact book by getting address book refill sheets from Walter Drake. This set of 100 loose-leaf address book refills is perfect for our Desktop Address Book and can be used for other similar spiral-bound books. If an address changes, just replace the individual sheet. They're also good for if you move and suddenly have new doctors, auto mechanics and other essential contacts. With address book refill pages, there are no messy cross-outs or unreadable pages!

Each sheet has fields for a person or business name, street address, city, state and telephone number. There's also several lines of text for notes or additional information such as an email address. You'll always be ready to update contact info and won't need to rearrange the rest of your binder to do it. It's one of many unique personal reference supplies that we offer to help organize your life.

  • Address book loose-leaf refill pages
  • 100-count set
  • Each address refill page measures 2 1/2" long x 3 7/8" wide
  • Made to fit our Desktop Address Book
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