All-Weather Yellow Pansy Bush by OakRidge™



Whether you're looking for curb appeal or want to bright things inside your home, OakRidge™ Outdoor Yellow Pansy Bushes are an affordable solution. These artificial pansies don't require a single drop of water, beam of sunlight or pruning shear to be in forever-bloom. In fact, the bright yellow flower heads and lush green leaves will be their own ray of sunshine in any weather. They're made of polyester with a plastic base that can be placed in a planter or right in the ground. OakRidge faux yellow pansies look so realistic that they'll have the neighbors doing a double-take come the cool seasons.

Use the lifelike magic of these fake pansies to inspire real joy anywhere. Line the front porch of your home, decorate tents for a big party or brighten up the dining room during a long winter. Each bush is 18" tall with 9 springs and blossoms for a nice full look by themselves or as part of a grouping. You'll experience the beauty of these popular flowers year after year at a great price. Order now from Walter Drake to delight anyone who lays eyes on your new faux pansies.

  • Approximately 18" H
  • 9 sprigs and 9 blossoms
  • Polyester with plastic base
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