Auto Emergency Lantern with Tool Set by LivingSURE™



With our Auto Emergency Lantern with Tool Set, you’ll never be without the right tool at the right time. Prepare for disasters, power outages and other occasions with this handy LED battery-operated lantern. Add to your camper, your car or your home to be prepared for the worst. This convenient emergency lantern runs on three AAA batteries (not included) and features a swing-open tool compartment that contains measuring tape, two sockets, one screwdriver handle, five screwdriver bits, one precision screwdriver with two pieces, one knife, one hex key (with two pieces) and more. The four bright LED bulbs on this portable LED lantern can be used to illuminate work benches for your specialty tasks, too, making it an extremely versatile and useful item to have in your home.

Our exclusive battery-run lantern by LivingSURE™ also features a free-standing flat bottom that has a hidden twist-off compartment. Securely store cards, money and keys in this compartment for emergency situations. The handle makes it easy to take it with you on the go or to hang for hands-free lighting. This emergency lantern and tool kit measures 9 ¼” high x 3 7/8” wide with a 1” drop on its handle.

  • Auto lantern glows with four bright LED bulbs
  • Features a fold-down carry handle plus hanging hook for hands-free use
  • Folding latch easily opens the emergency lantern to access the tool kit
  • Tool kit includes: 2 sockets, 1 screwdriver handle, 5 screwdriver bits, 1 precision screwdriver (2 pieces), 1 knife, 1 measuring tape, 1 hex key (2 pieces) and 1 case
  • Camping light's bottom also features a unique twist-off compartment which can be used to hide emergency cash or keys
  • Plastic and metal light requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • 9 1/4" high x 3 7/8" wide with 1" drop on hanging hook
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