Azalea Bush by OakRidge™



The OakRidge™ Faux Azalea Bush is a maintenance-free way to add woodland beauty and grace to your home at any time of year. Azaleas are fascinating foliage found on mountain ranges from Nepal to the North American Appalachians. They're even the state flower of West Virginia and Washington. You can now appreciate this beauty from the comfort of home with our fake azalea bushes. They're made of polyester, plastic and wire that produces a lifelike appeal with no water or sunlight necessary. The silky blooms and evergreen foliage are very durable for indoor or protected outdoor decorations.

Neighbors will take notice of your look-alike azaleas the moment you put them on display. These 17" artificial azalea bushes can be planted in a container or directly in the ground — whichever is best for your décor. (Note the images above show two bushes per pot; pot is not included.) They will be an excellent addition to holiday or winter displays and can also be used year-round for a forest vibe. Walter Drake offers low-priced silk azalea bushes in pink, dark pink, purple and white blooms that will inspire and delight those surrounded by their allure.

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Boasts a glorious color and evergreen foliage
  • Polyester/plastic/wire construction
  • 2 bushes per pot shown
  • Pots sold separately
  • 17" high
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