Bamboo Expandable Cutlery Drawer Organizer by HMP



Tame your cutlery drawers, junk drawers or kitchen utensil drawers chaos with problem-solving home products and organizational solutions here at Walter Drake. This bamboo expandable drawer organizer by Home Marketplace is a must-have in your kitchen (as well as throughout your entire home) and helps you easily see all of your utensils with ease. Gone are the days of those annoying gaps that so many drawer organizers seem to have. This bamboo drawer organizer expands to fill the majority of your drawer space yet contracts when fewer organizational slots are needed. With this innovative bamboo expandable drawer organizer, you'll be able to tailor your organizer's size to your own personal specifications and custom needs. Purchase one of these expandable bamboo drawer organizers for every drawer throughout your house — wherever some organizational TLC is needed. Works great in bathrooms. This drawer organizer makes a great gift, too!

  • Expandable to accommodate different drawer sizes and varying storage needs
  • Ideal for flatware, kitchen utensils, pens, pencils and more
  • Easy to use
  • installs instantly
  • 75% bamboo
  • 25% medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Measures 18" long x 13" wide x 2" high
  • Expands to 19" wide
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