Cast a warm, inviting aura over any room with our triple battery window candles. These flameless candoliers have the traditional glow of real candles, but don't create a fire hazard or leave a waxy mess behind. Both the white battery candles and metal-finish base are made of durable plastic. In place of the wicks are three LED yellow flame bulbs that last thousands of hours. Twisting any of the bulbs activates a timer that turns the triple LED window candles on for 8 hours and off for 16, letting them glow throughout the evening into the night.

The sturdy, safe design of Walter Drake flameless candles makes them a great traditional décor choice for entryway windowsills, dining tables, living room mantels and covered patios. Our battery-operated window candles with light timers even have faux wax drips down the side — you just don't have to clean them up afterwards. Each candle runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) for use at Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays. Order them at an affordable price along with other unique seasonal décor from Walter Drake.

  • Twist-on timers
  • 3 long-lasting yellow flame LED bulbs
  • Metal-look plastic base
  • Each candle uses 2 AA batteries (6 total — not included)
  • 9" wide x 10" high
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