Battery-Operated LED Triple Window Candle



Our battery-operated Triple Window LED Candle Light will provide a safe, warm glow to your windows, mantles or other bare spaces. These warm flameless candles are a favorite for Christmas holiday decorations, but did you know that these window candles can be used all throughout the year? They provide a beautiful, welcoming air to your home and cast a soft light that’s genius in its simplicity. Best of all, our flameless candles aren’t a fire hazard like real candles, so you can add them to spaces near curtains and furniture with ease. Fake candles are ideal for homes with small children and pets too.

These battery-operated candle lights feature three long-lasting yellow flame bulbs and measure 9” wide by 10” high. Use the twist-on, twist-off feature to quickly “light” these candles, no match required. The metal-look plastic base complements many different home décor styles while providing a high-end aesthetic. Each candle features the look of an elegant wax drip — without the mess — and requires two AA batteries (six total, which are not included).

  • Convenient Twist-On Timers: These candles are designed with practical twist-on timers, offering effortless control over their illumination duration for a hassle-free and customizable experience.
  • Warm Glow with Long-Lasting LED Bulbs: Enjoy the inviting ambiance created by the three long-lasting yellow flame LED bulbs, providing a captivating and realistic flickering effect.
  • Elegant Metal-Look Base: The candles are elegantly supported by a metal-look plastic base, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor while ensuring stability.
  • Efficient Battery-Powered Operation: Each candle operates with 2 AA batteries (a total of 6 batteries), allowing for convenient and efficient power without the need for cords or outlets.
  • Optimal Size for Versatile Display: With dimensions of 9" wide x 10" high, these candles are perfectly sized for versatile display on various surfaces, instantly elevating your living spaces.
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