Bird Bath with Trellis


Give feathered friends a place to bathe while enhancing your landscape with our sturdy, yet elegant wrought iron Bird Bath with Trellis. Graced with two decorative birds for added charm, the generous 7 1/2" dia. bird bath bowl can be filled with water to help attract birds that won't visit feeders or birdhouses. The trellis below stakes into the ground and creates a beautiful home for vines and climbing flowers or can be left unadorned to lend sculptural interest to garden, flower bed or border. The garden bird bath crafted of durable, weatherproof metal with handsome bronze finish. Easy 2-pc. assembly. 12" W x 31" H.
  • Wrought iron metal bird bath
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Easy 2-pc. assembly
  • Stakes easily into the ground
  • High-quality bronze finish
  • 12" wide x 31" high
  • Generous 7 1/2" bird bath bowl
  • Two decorative bird silhouettes perched on top
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