Black Marble Burner Covers Set of 2



Create extra counter space while concealing messy burners with a set of metal stove top covers from Walter Drake. These twin marble burner covers feature a classic faux black marble look that adds elegance to any kitchen decor. The smooth, scratch-resistant surface is perfect for holding mixing bowls, cutting boards, baking pans and cooling racks. Each topper is made of a durable, fire-safe enameled metal that won't cause disaster if you accidentally turn the burners on while they're covered.

Our stove burner covers are ideal for giving gas or electric ranges a sleek new look. Each quality enamel cover fits two burners at once. They measure 20" long x 11 1/2" wide x 5/8" high, fitting most standard range tops. A set of two electric or gas stove burner covers is a great value! Put them out before guests arrive to show off your kitchen — especially if you didn't have time to clean the burners. We also have white marble stove covers if you prefer a brighter accent. Walter Drake helps add style and function to the kitchen with practical stovetop decorations at great prices.

  • Stylish Addition — Featuring a black marbled pattern to enhance any kitchen, these burner covers instantly transform your stovetop into a smooth, clean countertop while hiding spills, splatters and messy burners.
  • Create Extra Space — Each generous cover fits over two burners at once, providing additional counter space for meal prep.
  • Quality Construction — Adding timeless elegance to any kitchen, these burner covers boast the rich look of marble in durable enameled metal and feature a smooth surface for lasting durability and easy cleaning.
  • Accommodates Most Stoves — Versatile burner covers are ideal for both gas and electric ranges, giving either a sleek new look.
  • Great Value — Set of two burner covers provides a beautiful value for transforming your kitchen, each measuring 20" long x 11 1/2" wide x 5/8" high.
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