Brown and White Striped Deck & Fence Privacy Screen



Relax outdoors in a private backyard oasis with our Striped Deck and Fence Privacy Screen from Walter Drake. This durable, breathable and well-made privacy screen features a summery brown and white stripe to complement your outdoor areas. Its woven construction will keep your activities out of view without impeding airflow or light.

Our easy-to-install deck and fence privacy screen has metal grommets that allow for quick and easy installation just about anywhere with its included cording. Added to railings, wooden deck posts or railings, when strategically placed, our privacy screen can shield you from onlookers on busy streets or sidewalks. Made from durable polyester netting with reinforced seams for long-lasting use, our instant privacy screen is a must-have summer essential that will allow you to better enjoy your outdoor picnics, family gathers and other celebrations.

This stylish and functional privacy fence netting measures 15’ long x 3’ high. Shop this and other outdoor garden décor at Walter Drake, your home for affordable finds since 1947.

  • Polyester/metal
  • 15' long x 3' high
  • Reinforced seams
  • Adds instant privacy
  • Included cord for tying
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