Bubble Light Centerpiece Replacement Bulbs


Old-fashioned bubble lights are a holiday mainstay in many homes throughout the country — and around the world. These delightful bubble lights cast charming color and a whimsical interest to your Christmas lighting and Christmas holiday décor. They can, however, be difficult to find for purchase; consequently, it's often even tougher to find bubble light replacement bulbs. Never fear, however: Walter Drake has old-fashioned bubble lights, vintage bubble light centerpieces as well as bubble light replacement bulbs for sale on our website. We know that Christmas just wouldn't be the same without bubble lights for many of our customers. That's why we strive to keep these bubble light replacement bulbs for our vintage bubble light centerpiece on hand to keep those bubble lights burning throughout the holiday season.
Our high-quality bubble light replacements are made from plastic and are filled with the same glittery clear liquid that surprised and delighted you as a child. They are easy to install in our vintage bubble light centerpiece and are UL-listed for electrical safety this Christmas season.
  • Colorful bubble light replacement bulb for use with our vintage bubble light centerpiece (sold separately)
  • Plastic
  • Filled with clear, glitter liquid
  • 5" high
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