Bubble Light Nightlight



If you love the look of old-fashioned bubble lights, you know just how tough they can be to find. Luckily, we carry a wide variety of old-fashioned bubble lights at Walter Drake for a variety of purposes. From bubble light centerpieces and bubble light string lights to this bubble light nightlight, we have the products you're looking for to bring the joy, serenity and charm of bubble light night lights to your home.

Brighten up an otherwise dark hall, foyer, corner or room with our bubble night light that features the ever-popular classic bubble night light that you remember as a kid. Featuring red and green colors and an interior liquid that glows and bubbles as it warms up, these mesmerizing bubble light night lights are guaranteed to charm the young — and the young at heart. Walter Drake's exclusive bubble light night light features a base that swivels 360 degrees so you can use with both vertical and horizontal outlets. According to our loyal customers, these nostalgic bubble nightlights are sometimes the first ornaments that they put up during the Christmas season thanks to their nostalgic feeling and their soft, awe-inspiring glow.

  • Plastic red and green base
  • Candle-shaped bubble night light is filled with colorful liquid that "bubbles" as it warms
  • On/off switch
  • 6 3/4" H
  • Brightens dark halls, rooms and adds holiday cheer
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