Cardinal Fan Pulls, Set of 2



Cardinals hold special places in people’s hearts for many reasons. Some say that they represent the spirit of a lost loved one, while some simply appreciate their brilliant colors against the backdrop of a snowy winter scene. Whatever your reason is for loving cardinals, our set of two Cardinal Ceiling Fan Pulls will be a beautiful addition to your home’s ceiling fan.

In addition to adding a bright pop of color to your home’s décor, these unique ceiling fan pulls make operating your ceiling fan easier. Durable polyresin construction will provide you with year after year of quality use and the hand-painted 3D details are beautiful to look at. Simple to install thanks to their 6-inch long, 18-carat gold-plated chains, you’ll wish you had found these cardinal fan pulls sooner!

  • Pair of cardinals attaches to your existing chains for easier use
  • Polyresin songbirds feature hand-painted 3D details
  • Each light pull features a 6" long 18k gold-plated chain and connector for easy installation
  • One cardinal has wings folded and one outstretched, so you can tell them apart
  • Set of 2 ceiling fan pulls, each 2 1/2" long
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