CarpalAID® Pain Relief Hand Patches, Set of 10


Get fast relief from carpal tunnel pain with CarpalAID® adhesive pain patches. These drug-free disposable patches are designed to lift the soft tissue on the hand, gently relieving pressure on the median nerve to ease pain and swelling — without surgery or wrist braces. Just peel and stick patch on the center of the hand. More discreet and comfortable than wrist splints, with no restricted movement. Wear day or night. Put one on at bedtime and wake up without pain. FDA-registered, clinically tested. Made from 80% PET, 20% 3M medical grade adhesive. Set of 10.
  • Drug-free adhesive pain patches for symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Relieves pressure on the nerve to reduce pain day or night
  • More discreet and comfortable than wrist splints
  • FDA-registered, clinically tested
  • 80% PET, 20% 3M medical grade adhesive
  • Set of 10
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