Cerruti 1881 for Women EDT, 3.3 oz.


Cerruti 1881 for Women is an invigorating and subtle ladies perfume with an aroma that contains a mixture of florals like mimosa, freesia, violets, jasmine, geranium and orange blossoms. Sandalwood, golden woods and exotic rose wood are scattered in the top, middle and bottom notes of this bright fragrance. Juicy citrusy bergamots, herbal chamomile and coriander add a fresh, cleanliness to the aromatic dazzle. the women's fragrance is great for everyday wear and adds a romantic touch for special nights. 3.3 fl. oz. An EDT spray.
  • 3.3 fl. oz.
  • An EDT spray
  • Features notes of mimosa, freesia, violets, jasmine, geranium, orange blossoms, sandalwood, golden woods, exotic rose wood, bergamot, herbal chamomile and coriander
  • Great for everyday wear
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