Chair Support


When a helping hand is needed, this chair support from Walter Drake is a must-have for sitting down or rising up from a seated position more easily. With its durable steel construction and comfortable polyurethane foam grips, you’ll be able to gain the leverage needed to rise from your chair or bed. Ideal for individuals who have limited mobility, for those with bad knees or for those who simply need a little extra help for balance, this chair riser is helpful in many different scenarios in your home.With its unique ladder design that supports up to 350 pounds, this lightweight home helper weighs 5 pounds and is easy to transport where it is needed. You’ll reach for this mobility support tool over and over again throughout your day!
  • Durable steel frame with wide base
  • Comfortable polyurethane foam grips
  • Chair riser supports up to 350 lbs. and weighs 5 lbs.
  • 17”L x 20”W x 32”H
  • Sturdy ladder design provides hand-over-hand support for confident leverage
  • Portable chair lift helps those with limited mobility get in and out of chairs and beds without strain or worry
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