Christian 2 Year Personalized Planner



Stay organized with an assist from the Holy Spirit and a 2-year pocket calendar from Walter Drake. This personalized Christian planner is a 2-year planner in a lovely design for those that trust in His power. It features important dates and holidays for 2 full years with each month spread across 2 pages. This leaves plenty of space for your appointments, work meetings, social gatherings, games and birthdays. A notepad at the top of each month has room for daily notes — plus there's a handy notepad at the back for grocery lists.

On the front of our Christian 2-year planner is a bright rainbow shining through a dark day plus the message, "With God all things are possible". We'll also add your name for easy identification. It's an inspiring way to start each day knowing you have the tools to plan for what's next. Order your weather-resistant pocket planner from Walter Drake so you're always ready for the next chapter.

  • 6 3/4" long x 3 5/8" wide
  • Shows 2 full years
  • Notepad included
  • Plastic cover
  • Specify name — up to 25 letters and spaces
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