Clear Bullet Earring Backs



Bullet Earring Backs from Walter Drake provide soft, flexible, and practically invisible security for most pierced-ear jewelry. These clear earring backs replace ordinary metal earring backs for lightweight comfort that won't pinch and a subtle look that won't cramp your style. Most women know that earring backs go missing after a while. Eliminate the need to transfer backs from one pair to another with this set of a dozen clear rubber earring backs.

Bullet earring backs are great for sensitive skin and hairstyles that expose the back of your ears. Clear earring backs look cleaner with post-style earrings and stay securely in place all day. These earring backs weigh almost nothing and provide a simple solution to lost jewelry.

Each pack includes 12 rubber earring backs that are each 1/4" long to fit most earring styles.

  • Soft, flexible and almost invisible earring backs prevent lost jewelry
  • Set includes 12 pieces that are each 1/4" long to fit most earring styles
  • Clear rubber earring backs provide lightweight comfort and security with a stylish look
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