Clear Placemats, Set of 4


When you’re using a cloth table cover — especially one that is sentimental or delicate — it’s always a good idea to use a clear plastic placemat to prevent stains caused by food mishaps and other spills. Our set of 4 clear placemats will cover and protect even the most delicate table covers, while still being able to view your tablecloth’s color and pattern underneath. These waterproof plastic placements are easy to maintain and are made from a flexible, durable vinyl that will last for years and years. These versatile clear placemats are also available in sets of 4.Our clear plastic placemats aren’t just for your kitchen table or dining table — they add a protective barrier to other furniture, too. Consider adding these plastic placemats under plants to prevent water rings and other water damage to your furniture. At Walter Drake, we are committed to providing you with affordable and unique home décor. Since 1947, we’ve been the go-to for customers all across the country looking for solutions to their homes. Be sure to visit our selection of tablecloths and vinyl table covers while you’re visiting.
  • Clear vinyl placemats
  • Set of 4, each 18" long x 12" high
  • Flexible with rounded corners
  • Protects linens from spills and stains
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