Clear View Wraparound Sunglasses



Make sunny afternoons easier on the eyes by wearing Walter Drake Clear View Sunglasses. These wraparound sunglasses provide glare-free, 100% UV protection from every angle. Everything will look sharper and brighter without needing to squint. The unisex style comfortably fits over regular eyewear; no more fumbling with clip-on sunglasses! Using wraparound shades also works well if regular sunglasses are too narrow for your head.

Our sleek wraparound sunglasses are effective and affordable for eye protection on a budget. The black frames and bronze-tint faded lenses complement most wardrobes. Wear them outdoors whenever the sun is out or reduce the glare of particularly bright lights at offices and events. Walter Drake looks out for your eyes with over-eyewear sunglasses that block out UV rays and glare without blocking out fashion.

  • Offers 100% UV protection from every angle
  • Unisex style
  • Wraparound design fits over regular eyewear
  • Bronze-tint fade lenses
  • Black frame
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