Closet Organizer Set of 6



Is your closet or wardrobe busting at the seams? Walter Drake closet organizers add up to five times more hanging space so you'll have room for all your favorite outfits. These plastic garment holders have hooks on either end with five hanger holes in the middle. By hanging them vertically, you can fit five articles of clothing where previously only one could squeeze in. If you own a lot of work shirts, dresses, khaki pants or skirts, you'll be able to hang all of them without wrinkles or bunching.

Even if you already have adequate closet space, hanging closet organizers are still a good accessory. Using them horizontally ensures wool and knit garments are adequately spaced so they have room to breathe. With this set of 6 lightweight clothing organizers, you can hang up to 30 items securely. They're strong to support your clothing and portable for business trips and vacations. Just think about how much apparel you can now fit in a single garment bag! Walter Drake has bulk pricing to help you save even more on quality clothing accessories.

  • Holds up to 5 hangers suspended horizontally
  • Includes 6 durable plastic organizers
  • 9 1/4" long
  • Organizes 5 garments in the space of one
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