Closet Organizer Set of 6



Transform your cluttered closet into a haven of organization and accessibility with the Closet Organizer Set of 6 from Walter Drake. This innovative hanging closet organizer is ingeniously designed to optimize your wardrobe space, allowing you to neatly arrange garments without compromising on their condition or appearance. By introducing this set into your storage strategy, you're effectively quintupling the amount of available hanging room—making it an essential addition for anyone looking to streamline their clothing collection.

Crafted from durable plastic, each piece in this versatile set features dual hooks with five hanger holes situated along its length. When used vertically, these organizers enable you to hang up to five articles of clothing in the footprint typically occupied by a single item. This maximizes efficiency and prevents overcrowding—a common culprit behind wrinkles and damage.

Beyond merely expanding capacity, when deployed horizontally, these units act as a clothes hanger rack that ensures adequate spacing between items such as woolens and knits; thus promoting air circulation and garment longevity.

Lightweight yet sturdy enough to support an extensive array of attire—from work shirts and dresses to khaki pants and skirts—this Closet Organizer Set proves indispensable not just at home but also while traveling. Elevate your closet management game effortlessly with this practical solution offered by Walter Drake—a name synonymous with quality home essentials since 1947.

  • Holds up to 5 hangers suspended horizontally
  • Includes 6 durable plastic organizers
  • 9 1/4" long
  • Organizes 5 garments in the space of one
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