Corn Peeler by Chef's Pride™


This corn peeler's curved, serrated blade quickly removes kernels from the cob, preventing you from making too deep or too shallow cuts, so you enjoy maximum goodness from fresh, juicy sweet corn. The precision blade is serrated on both sides for easy use from any angle, and the ergonomic handle with rubber grip makes it comfy to grasp and easy to use. Peeled corn is great for folks with dentures, children with loose teeth, or efficient corn lovers wanting to devour every kernel — and when you peel leftover corn and freeze it for winter soups and stews, you'll enjoy summer's sweet goodness year round. Designed in durable plastic with stainless steel blade, the Corn Peeler by Chef's Pride™ includes a protective blade cover. Dishwasher safe. Measures 6 3/4" L x 1 3/4" W.
  • Quickly remove corn kernels from the cob
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber grip makes it easy to use
  • Durable plastic with stainless steel blade and protective blade cover
  • By Chef's Pride™
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 6 3/4" long x 1 3/4" wide
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