Crevice Cleaner Handle with 10 Brush Heads


Cleans where other brushes can’t. Wish you could get a better handle on cleaning hard to access narrow spaces? Now you can. Our Crevice Cleaner Handle comes with 10 removable cotton brush heads, each slim enough to get in even the tightest areas. Just slip one into the slot on the handle. The flexible cleaning brush heads make it easy to clean window and shower tracks, remove debris from keyboards, dust vehicle air vents and more. Polypropylene handle is 7" L. Cleaning heads each measure 2” L. Imported.
  • Polypropylene handle is 7" long
  • Includes 10 removable cotton brush heads
  • Cleans where other brushes can’t
  • Perfect for cleaning window and shower tracks, removing debris from keyboards, dusting vehicle air vents and more
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