Deluxe Pick Up Tool



With our deluxe pick up tool, nothing is out of reach. You'll be able to grab that book on the top shelf of your bookcase with ease; that measuring cup on the top of your kitchen hutch can be grabbed effortlessly. Even everyday tasks, such as picking up socks or fetching that remote from behind your recliner, will be simple and easy with our pick up tool from Walter Drake. This easy-to-use pick up tool makes previously difficult tasks easy, thanks to this lightweight aluminum and plastic pick up grabber. This deluxe pick up tool extends a full 32" or collapses to 17" L so you can take this pick up tool along with you in your handbag or backpack.

This durable, handy pick up tool allows you to pick up items that weigh up to 5 lbs. This grab tool allows you to clasp the item you need by gently squeezing the sensitive handle; the suction-cup brackets ensure the item's security until you choose to release it. At Walter Drake, we've been providing our customers with the best, problem-solving products since 1947. Whether you need a pick up tool or grabber for home use or to use at the office, we have the product that will help solve those pesky problems you have throughout the day.

  • Plastic and durable metal construction
  • Pick up tool extends a full 32"
  • Folds for just the right angle
  • Grabber collapses to 17" L for easy stow-and-go travel
  • Grabbing area measures 5"W
  • Lightweight
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