Deluxe Rectangular Table Set Cover 108"x90"x30"



Rain, snow, dirt, UV rays and bad weather are no match for our protective Deluxe Rectangular Patio Table Cover. It’s manufactured from heavy-gauge PVC for tough, weather-shielding durability that will withstand inclement weather and other factors that can limit the lifespan of your patio furniture. You’ll appreciate the elasticized bottom, which adds additional security and protection, particularly in windy conditions.

Our deluxe rectangular table set cover reverses from green and beige stripes to solid beige, depending on your décor preferences. It slips on and off quickly and easily, keeping your investment safe in any season.

The PVC surface is easy to keep clean, simply wipe down with a soft cloth. This rectangular-shaped tablecloth cover measures 108" long x 30" high x 90" wide, accommodating a wide range of table set sizes.

  • This deluxe rectangular table set cover offers ultimate protection for patio furniture!
  • Heavy-gauge PVC
  • Reversible
  • Slips on easily
  • 108" long x 30" high x 90" wide
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